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We provide fun, safe and quality martial arts instruction for the entire family.
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"Sensei Randy is great! My middle school girls have studied karate under him and love it."
~ Annegret Weckerle

"This is an awesome dojo! The Sensei is very passionate about karate and is very sincere about teaching good karate. The owners are very excited about creating a great culture in the dojo. My son loves the encouragement and support that he receives at the Roxborough Academy of Martial Arts. I definitely recommend checking it out!."
~ Christina Brannan

Whether you are looking to train in the art of traditional Japanese Karate or or relieve stress and feel better with our YOGA Rox programs, stop by and talk with us, watch a class or try out a class for FREE. We have a great discount program that lets multiple family members train together. We have a pay as you go program so no contracts equals no hassles.

Martial Arts are great activities for children of all ages. Children who get involved with martial arts reap many benefits in several areas of life. We have fun Children's Karate programs that help to develop motor skills, confidence, focus and self-discipline. If your child has a competitive nature, tournaments are exciting and a great learning experience for kids. Who knows... with karate now in the Olympics, your child could be the next olympic star!

Our Teen and Adult karate programs are designed to provide self defense skills, while at the same time offering conditioning, cardio, stress management and weight loss benefits.

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kick off your shoes and you are good to go!
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Martial Arts Trainers Denver

YOGA Rox has two new great instructors for our Sat. morning and Tues. evening yoga classes! Please see our Programs page for all the details.


21th Annual Friendship Cup tournament will be held Saturday, March 30th at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden! Please see our Schedule page for more details.