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Roxborough Academy of Martial Arts offers Shotokan karate training classes for all ages and skill levels - from children to adults, beginners to advanced practitioners.
All classes are conducted in a traditional manner and include: warm ups, basics (kihon), kata (forms), and partner techniques (kumite). Instruction in each class is unique and will focus on the elements deemed most beneficial to the students in attendance by the instructor.


This class is designed for children four and five years old. The classes introduces the basic concepts of karate to the student while providing a fun and fast paced environment. Emphasis is placed on developing motor skills, confidence, focus and self-discipline. Students do not earn karate rank while in this class but do earn merit rewards for encouragement. The student will build a strong foundation for moving forward into the childrens karate class when it is time.
Pre-Karate meets twice a week.

Children's Karate

These classes are designed for children between six and eleven years old. They are taught using fun and safe methods of instruction. Attention to courtesy, respect and discipline are emphasized while building self confidence and motor skills. Skill levels are combined in this class so that lower belt levels may benefit from training along side the higher ranks.
Children's Karate meets up to four times a week.

Teen and Adult Karate

These classes are for ages twelve years old and up. They cover all of the Shotokan karate concepts and techniques required for each belt rank and also delve more deeply into the self defense aspects of karate, physical conditioning and stress management. Traditional kick boxing drills are also occasionally incorporated into the classes to help develop foot work, timing, coordination and body movements. All ages are welcome. Karate has physical and mental benefits for any age.
Teen and Adult Karate meets up to four times a week.

Competition Team Karate

This class is open to all ranks, ages six years old and up. This class prepares the student for tournaments. Heavy emphasis is placed on speed, timing and combination drills as well as tournament strategy. All student can benefit greatly from this class and are encouraged to try it even if they are not planning on competing.
Competition Team Karate meets once a week.

Private or Semi-Private Lessons

The best karate training is a combination of private lessons and group sessions. Groups encourage you to try different techniques while competing with different people, since everyone varies in size, weight, strength, etc. Private lessons have the advantage that students can learn much faster since lessons can be tailored to fit individual needs and focus exactly on what the student needs to improve.
Semi-privates would be for two students and are the same price as for one.
Private lessons are by appointment only. Call, write or text to schedule yours today!

1 Classes are offered most Saturdays in the Winter months, October through April.


** Parents train for FREE the first month with any child sign-up. **
** Refer a Friend & both will receive a $20 credit after sign-up. **
Family discounts:
2nd family member: 25% off!
3rd family member: 50% off
4th family member: FREE!!
   New Student Special       

** UNLIMITED Classes for 1 Month !!
** Try it FREE with No Risk !!

Pre-Karate Membership   *** Two Classes per week! ***

Basic Karate Membership   *** Your choice - up to 4 Classes per week! ***
 (Two Group classes, plus Basic's class, plus Saturday's combined class)

All-Inclusive Karate Membership   *** Your choice - up to 5 Classes per week! ***
 (Basic Karate plan, plus Competition Team class)
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you are not happy for any reason during the first 14 days, we will gladly refund your tuition.


Please note Kickboxing is currently only offered on a Private or semi-Private lessons basis with a personal trainer. Please inquire for rates.

The course involves high intensity aerobic (H.I.I.T.) style exercises and drills with frequent breaks in-between to let your heart rate come down. This style of training shocks your metabolic system and causes it to stay at a higher level even during the off days. You will get stronger and more toned without adding muscle mass. Along with the proper diet you should see the pounds melt away.

The exercises target your core, glutes and legs. No aerobic dancing, just fun drills and blasting pads & heavy bags.

Yoga Rox

Dayane Van Voast and Kaitlyn Schieffer, are certified Yoga instructors teaching Vinyasa style yoga. Open to all levels, classes focus on strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. All you need for this class is You, a yoga mat, a towel and water.

Yoga Rox meets twice a week. (** More class will be added soon! )

YOGA Rox Membership

Current Dojo students and immediate family members receive a 25% discount
(Must sign-up in dojo to receive discount)